In these unprecedented times it is so important as a ministry to continue to supports our loved ones and close friends. It is also as important to support our communities: whether it be your local skate shop, homeless shelter, food bank or local schools, as a nationwide church we can make a difference. Whether this be through consistent prayer, volunteering or other means, it all counts.

As a collective, we can as a church provide some influential support and encouragement in times where it is lacking. We continue to ask for prayer. Prayer into large scale events such as Creation Fest but also potentially impacted local events put on in smaller communities. Prayer to the many many lives impacted because of Covid-19 and prayer into skate ministries across the globe.

The events, outreach and ministry play a huge role in the lives of individuals across the country. Please also pray into the individuals/groups heading up Christian Surfers UK, Transend, New Wine and the many more events based organisations that due to the uncertainty provided by Covid-19 locally and globally is putting real pressure on the ability to survive, influence and impact.

Finally, please pray into the lives of all of the many individuals that these festivals and events provide such an impact in their faith journey, support network and fellowship. Pray that other opportunities come to fruition and to provide continued encouragement into their lives.